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Master Your Vehicle in Life: Your Body

I’d like to share a personal story with you.

Four years ago, I was blessed to start my personal trainer journey with Onnit Academy's Chief Fitness Officer, John Wolf and Shane Heins.


Who knew that just two days at a fitness certification could change your life forever?


For two full days, I soaked up the immense wisdom imparted on the group gathered at Seacoast Kettlebell in New Hampshire by these two movement masters.

Their detailed knowledge of form, technique, and body position was what inspired me to divest myself from two university degrees that I had spent 5 years of time and energy on, plus tens of thousands of dollars to pursue a career in health and fitness.

Yes, they were THAT inspiring!


From this point on, my idea of what fitness was changed forever.


Can you guess what the NUMBER ONE THING they taught me was? The thing I have ended up basing all my client programs on?


It wasn't a list of the best exercises.

It wasn't the best pre-workout or what you should eat after training.

It wasn't the secret number of hours or days per week you should train.


It was ....


A training approach that targets your weaknesses

(rather than aesthetics specifically)

as the optimal way to rebuild your body



What does that mean?

It means you will achieve your aesthetic goals of fat loss and muscle building, but you will focus on moving like a human again.

Your hip will be able to function like a human hip is supposed to.

Your shoulder will be able to go over your head without pain or compensations.

You will gain body awareness.

You will regain control over your body which will amplify your physical ability to perform --not only in the gym but in real life - hiking, canoeing, biking, carrying groceries, playing with your kids, etc.


Progression means more than increases in weight or decreases in rest time.

It means enhancing your ability to perform difficult movements, working in more dynamic ranges of motion, and increasing your body's capacity to perform under whatever conditions you put it into.


What happens during our training sessions?

During our sessions, I teach you about how to take care of your body, not only when we're in the gym, but what needs to be done by you on a daily basis to improve.

1-2 hours a week with me can never override all the other hours of the week where you're doing your own thing. For lasting change, you need to implement changes in your daily lifestyle to combat the modern lifestyle we all lead.


If you want to truly excel in your body and health, then being introduced to this new way of training could be your own pivotal turning point.

I’m excited to share with you everything that I know to help you rebuild, heal, strengthen, and thrive.


So, if you’ve been grinding in the gym, but aren’t seeing the results you’re looking for …


you feel intimidated about lifting weights because you’re not sure what you’re doing …

… then my coaching sessions are specifically for YOU.


Your program will be designed around your current strength and mobility. We'll identify your weaknesses and work to rebuild your body to see lasting results in strength, conditioning, lean muscle, mobility, power, and fat loss.


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semi-private training

Semi-Private Training

Split the cost toward a fitness coach; 4 people to one trainer with an individualized program.

personal training

One-on-One Training

Fully focused on you and your results. Set a training time that fits your schedule.

nutrition coaching broccoli

Nutrition Coaching

Reach your fitness and health goals faster with customized nutrition; can be an add-on to fitness coaching or done a part.


Gets comfortable with workouts

Angela has helped me get into a great fitness routine and has taught me so much about equipment, different types of training, form and how to make progress in a safe way. Training with Angela is always a good time! She creates fun and unconventional work outs that are always challenging and she motivates to push harder. I can’t wait to train with her again!

Marjon S

Marjon S.

Lead UX/UI Design Instructor at Ironhack

The definition of vital advice

Angela has created a structured and fundamental understanding of nutrition that I can use practically for the rest of my life. Each session with her is a step forward toward a better me. She takes the time to listen to you and your experiences. I’ve become more aware of my behaviors (being a religious fast food eater, for example), but when I happen to fail on our agreed upon goals, we find a different approach to help me succeed. She will help you find a way to reach your goals.

zoran p

Zoran P.

Manager at Global Digital Marketing Group

Gains back sense of self after losing 40 lbs

Angela Nichols is life changing! I reached an all-time low last summer by weighing 189 pounds and a 45 inch waist. Instead of dieting and being told “you can’t eat this” we focused on becoming healthy by introducing better foods. She customizes to your current lifestyle and can always readjust when something isn’t working. I’ve lost my goal of 40 lbs, but even better, I've gained back a tremendous sense of self and I am so happy my body is getting healthier day by day.

allison boat

Allison B.

Administrative Assistant



What is my number one role as your personal trainer and fitness coach?

It isn't to give you muscle soreness after a workout. It isn't to get you to do 50 burpees and watch you struggle to perform them. It isn't to sell you supplements or tell you the best fitness hacks.

Ultimately, my role is to educate you about how your body is currently working and how to get it closer to functioning as a human body should. This ensures that you reach your goals safely and maintain them over time.

I not only offer you my expertise and knowledge but will point you in the direction of other qualified health professionals that can help you feel better in your body and mind.

If you're ready to reclaim your physical health and ignite the ripple effect of change, I am ready to be the coach in your corner. Are you ready to get started?

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